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Are you in need of a new or updated headshot? StillMotion Studios’ professional headshot photographer Steve Thorson specializes in head shots. His years of experience providing high impact corporate headshots for business, personal brand images for social media and stunning actor/model headshots guarantees you will leave the studio with a quality professional headshot.

You can choose from three headshot sessions. The quick 30 minute session is very popular. The Corporate Headshot package is 60 minutes and includes two wardrobe changes. For the most complete headshot session choose the two hour Pro Headshot package which includes four wardrobe changes. Check the Headshot Pricing page for full details.

StillMotion Studios is conveniently located near the executive airport in Naples, Florida. Just minutes from 5th Avenue South and I-75 the studio is easy to find with ample parking.

The studio is the largest, most fully equipped photography studio in the region. You will be comfortable in our nicely appointed lobby should you arrive early for your reserved headshot session. The large, clean dressing room allows you a nice area to change and touch up your hair and makeup in privacy.

The studio shooting area is expansive, our equipment and lighting capability is state of the art and the best in the business.

All this adds up to a pleasant, professional experience. You will be at ease with the entire experience and leave happy you trusted Steve Thorson and StillMotion Studios with your need for a headshot.

Headshot Session Details

Your Professional Headshot Session involves planning, preparation, wardrobe selection, brand identity and other considerations.

The Importance Of A Professional Headshot


We live in a visual world with a strong social media presence so we are often judged by our online headshot before we meet people face to face. It is therefore vitally important for us all to make the most of this first impression where an instant perception is formed in seconds. The social media headshot has become the first impression of the 21st century. Whether you are a corporate executive, a real estate professional, in the medical field or simply want to stand out on a dating site, you should have a professional headshot to represent you.

Our personal image is our advertisement to the world. Our professional headshot is a promise of who we are, our credibility and what we will deliver. Most recruiters nowadays when considering candidates will look them up on social media networks like LinkedIn or Facebook. A generic avatar or an unprofessional photo is not the impression you want to give to a future employer. An online photo is also very useful for social networking and events – it creates a personable air of familiarity and people generally feel at ease with people they have already had access to.

It is essential that you look like the picture too – you need to present an authentic, credible and consistent brand. Social Media experts will advise that the same headshot photo should ideally be distributed across all the social media platforms. The fastest growing social networks are those which are focused on images such as Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook. There is no escaping this emphasis on visual perception.

A professional headshot should be viewed as an investment in yourself. A solid profile implies that the person is an expert in their chosen field and confident in their chosen personal brand and values. Your personal brand is made up of what people see, say, hear and read. What is your headshot saying about you?


Your Photographer – Steve Thorson


Steve Thorson is the owner of StillMotion Studios in Naples, Florida. A native of Seattle he has been involved in photography for most of his life. Beginning in the days of film, Steve started out as a “street photographer” shooting candid photos of interesting people, then developing the images in his black & white darkroom. Today, he primarily photographs people in his incredible studio, as well as fashion, product and vehicles.

Lighting is the most important aspect of photography. As a master of light Steve is capable of using it to highlight your best features and create a headshot of you that is compelling, warm and inviting. Your headshot will stand out from the others thanks to his advanced lighting skills.

Steve takes pride in his ability to make you comfortable in front of the camera, carefully taking the time to find your best look, then capturing your image at just the right moment.

Pro Headshot Photographer Steve Thorson

Incredible Studio Experience

Exceptional Lighting For Headshots

Custom Lighting Technique

Properly lighting the headshot is critical to producing an image that will stand out above the rest. Steve’s proprietary lighting system sets him apart when it’s time to update your image.

Comforts designed just for you

Offering full service amenities in a five-star atmosphere, you will feel as though you are on the set of a Hollywood movie. Pristine dressing room featuring a changing room and private bath.

Comfortable Studio Setting For Headshots
Only The Best Equipment For Headshots

State Of The Art Equipment

The studio lighting is second to none. Capable of creating virtually any lighting scenario, be it a headshot or a complex fashion beauty commercial shoot, even exotic cars, in studio.

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